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Halley comet. Earth's sky

Halley comet. Earth's sky

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His passage through the world has always been associated with legends about major catastrophes on Earth. We speak of Halley, a gigantic and bright comet that orbits around the Sun every 75 or 76 years. Although there are many other brighter comets, the Halley is the only short-cycle that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth, and thanks to that there are many references to its appearances.

The last time it passed near our planet was on February 9, 1986. To that date corresponds the image, which was made by the Giotto space probe. Other probes met him on that same date, such as Suiseis and Vega 1 and 2. The Giotto probe was a mission sponsored by the European Space Agency, and managed to photograph the frozen core of Halley's comet.

The Halley was the first comet recognized as a newspaper. It was discovered in 1705 by astronomer Edmund Halley, from whom he receives his name. Halley calculated that he returned every 76 years, and predicted his reappearance for the year 1757, with only one year of error, since it happened in 1758.

It is estimated that Halley's comet will pass again near the Earth, with good visibility conditions, in the middle of 2061 or early 2062. As it gets closer, its arrival can be calculated more accurately.

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