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Saturn photomontage. Mounts and kites

Saturn photomontage. Mounts and kites

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No, it is not that the planet Saturn has moved within the Solar System. It is only a drawing by artist and writer Ron Miller, who wondered how the planets of the Solar System would look from Earth if they were located at the same distance from the Moon, around 380,000 kilometers. It can be said that Miller knows what is being done, since he is the current director of the Albert Einstein Planetarium, located inside the Museum of Air and Space in Washington.

Miller has made a series of illustrations that represent planets as large as Saturn, which appears in the image, or Uranus, and how they would look at a distance from Earth as close as the Moon. In the case of Saturn, it is the second largest planet in the Solar System, and has an equatorial radius 10 times larger than Earth's. According to this fiction, their rings would seem to touch our planet.

Of course it is a curious artistic representation, which would not be feasible in reality. Gravitational effects would not allow the presence of life as we know it if Saturn were at that distance from our planet.

Ron Miller is an artist who has specialized in Astronomy, Science in general and Fiction. On other occasions he has done illustrations on how the disappearance of the sun or the evaporation of the oceans would be.

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