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Solar magnetosphere The Sun, Mercury and Venus

Solar magnetosphere The Sun, Mercury and Venus

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The images of the Extreme Ultraviolet Telescope on board the Heliospheric and Solar Observatory (SOHO) did not reveal anything unusual during the interval from May 9 to 11, 1999. This image shows the gas at 1,500,000 ° C of the Sun's dim outer atmosphere, the crown.

All the patterns in this image respond to the structure of the magnetic field. Thanks to the high quality of this instrument, more and less features can be seen than before the solar magnetic field.

The Sun is about 149 million km. of the Earth, that is to say about 380 times more than the Moon. Sunlight, traveling at 300,000 km / s, takes eight minutes to reach Earth. The Earth-Sun distance has been adopted by astronomers as a unit of measure in the Solar System and is called Astronomical Unit or more simply UA.

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