The chimney W4. Shows in the Universe

The chimney W4. Shows in the Universe

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A huge chimney that emits hot clouds of gases out of the plane of our Milky Way galaxy has recently been recorded in radio waves. The Canadian Galactic Plane Inspection Project team used a radio telescope network to inspect a region of ionized gas known as W4. At the base of W4 and in the center of this image there is a very young star cluster known as Cl 352.

It is still investigating how these stars created the W4 super bubble. Some possible explanations include supernova explosions or strong stellar winds coming from these stars. However, it seems clear that the hot gas is expanding outward, channeled by relatively cold and dense gas, forming a kind of chimney.

The W4 chimney, which is 6,500 light years from Earth and extends over 250 light years, is visible as the comparatively dark area that extends to the top of this image.

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