Seas and oceans of the Earth

Seas and oceans of the Earth

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Who has not ever observed the hypnotic coming and going of the waves at sea? That huge body of water in movement that separates continents and emergent lands, served sages of Classical Greece to deduce that the Earth was spherical when watching the boats move away and disappear on the horizon.

As always looking at a certain height, the boat seemed to be sinking, the wise assumed that the Earth was not flat, but had a considerable curvature. And this five thousand years ago !, in 2,500 B.C.

As Christopher Columbus once wrote: The sea gives hope, as dreaming generates dreams. And, far from acting as a border or a wall of water, when observing the ocean and watching the flight of seagulls, human beings are created new desires, illusions and challenges.

Now, what do we know about the sea ?, to which we refer in masculine if we move in the scientific field, but in feminine, if we do it in the poetic and literary. As an environmental group rightly titled one of his books, everyone who has ever seen the sea has not been able to avoid feeling that in a way it is our mother, that she clothes and feeds us.

Already the ancient myths made certain goddesses emerge from the sea and it is that the coastal environment is certainly a place rich in life. In the image we show a detail of the famous painting the birth of venus, painted by Sandro Botticelli and where he collected the Greek mythological stories that considered this goddess of love and fertility, born from the foam of the Mediterranean waves.

For all this, in the following pages we will try to know everything about the sea or the sea, whatever it is called, from when a sea is born (and how) to the riches it presents, how it works, the reliefs to which it gives rise, what there are in the ocean floor, curious phenomena such as red seas or with lights and even if there are seas in other places of our Solar System.

This is the journey across the seas:

In this chapter:

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