Creating an HR diagram from tabulated stellar data

Creating an HR diagram from tabulated stellar data

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I teach statistics and study Astronomy. I'd like to create an activity for my statistics students using star data. They could enter the data into Excel and create an HR diagram. We are currently studying Correlation & Regression. I wanted to show them that a scatter-plot can be VERY interesting.

Where can I get stellar data that is already in a format that my students can use excel to create a scatter-plot? Unbeknownst to them, they will create an HR diagram.

With the Gaia Data Release 2, you can plot an HR diagram with a few million stars. From the Gaia website :

The data can be accessed in the search tab, where you can specify the columns you want to display (phot_bp_mean_magandphot_rp_mean_mag). There is a button at the bottom to export the results to a file on your computer. You can then plot one of the columns as a function of the difference between the other two.

Watch the video: Nearest and Brightest HR Diagram (January 2023).