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CETI It is the acronym that generically indicates extraterrestrial life research programs through radio signals or other appropriate means. It literally means: "Communication with Extra Terrestrial Intellingence" (communication with extraterrestrial intelligence).

Some scholars who dedicate themselves to these investigations consider the acronym as too concrete and prefer to adopt a similar one: SETI, that is, "Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (research of extraterrestrial intelligence), which includes, or at least does not state in a manifest way, the ambition of a dialogue with aliens and is limited to speak generically of research.

CETI programs start from these bases: life is a phenomenon of cosmic reach, which has developed on other Earth-like planets belonging to distant solar systems, and, therefore, there may be a percentage of such planets on which life has evolved to the stage of a technological civilization.

Given this premise, it has been considered appropriate to listen, using radio telescopes, to try to capture possible radio signals sent by extraterrestrial civilizations, eager to come into contact with similar beings. Some scholar considers it extremely useful to direct messages to distant stars, hoping to receive an answer.

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