Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral

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Since 1950 Cape Canaveral It is the main center of space activities in the United States. Geographically, it is a narrow promontory that extends over the Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of Florida.

Its activity as a missile launch base began on July 24, 1950, experimenting with modified V2 rockets. The place was ideal because the launches were carried out in the East direction and the missiles could thus be easily followed in their ascent and fall into the sea without causing any damage.

At present, that sandy promontory is dotted with dozens of launching ramps and has a dense network of roads that link it with the various laboratories and control centers. The area is controlled in part by NASA, the American space agency that deals with civil space programs, and in part by the US Air Force, which organizes the military.

In 1964 the entire area is renamed Cape Kennedy, in honor of American President John F. Kennedy killed the previous year. However, ten years later, as a result of multiple protests, it was renamed Cape Canaveral and Kennedy's name was only for NASA's space center.

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