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A antenna It is an instrument used in electronics to propagate or receive radio or electromagnetic waves. It is essential to emit or receive radio, television, microwave, telephone and radar signals.

Most antennas are made of wires or metal rods connected to the sending or receiving equipment. When an antenna is used to transmit (propagate) radio waves, the sending equipment oscillates the electric current along the cables or the rods. The energy of this oscillating charge is emitted into space in the form of electromagnetic waves (radio). In the case of reception, these waves induce a small electric current in the metallic part of the antenna, which is amplified with the radio receiver.

In general, the same antenna can be used to receive and transmit at the same wavelength, provided that the emission power is not too large.

The dimensions of the antenna depend on the length, or frequency, of the radio wave for which it is designed.

Radio telescopes and radar systems operate with wavelengths less than 30 cm, called microwaves, that behave similarly to light waves.

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