Love (asteroid)

Love (asteroid)

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Love It is the name of an asteroid, discovered in 1932, that grazes the Earth's orbit, however remaining outside.

By extension with the name Objects Love is usually indicated a class of asteroid objects whose orbits are very close to the Earth, but that do not cross the orbit.

In the early 1990s it was discovered that about 75 asteroids (the asteroids of Love) crossed the orbit of Mars, about 50 (the asteroids of Apollo) crossed the orbit of the Earth and less than 10 (the asteroids of Atón) have orbits smaller than Earth's. One of the largest interior asteroids is Eros, elongated, with a length of about 34 km.

Astronomers have become increasingly concerned with the discovery of these asteroids that have come so close to Earth. Predictions about their frequencies are difficult to make, and therefore the probability of a possible collision of one of these objects with the Earth cannot be estimated with any certainty. However, some estimates place the probability of a collision as high as every 100 years.

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