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Brera Observatory. Space observation

Brera Observatory. Space observation

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There are not many astronomical observatories that can boast of being built in a palace. Brera's is one of them. It is located in the palace of the same name, in the city of Milan, Italy. Share this great space with a gallery, a library and a botanical garden.

The Astronomical Observatory of Brera was built in 1764 by Jesuits, but in 1773 it became dependent and managed by the Italian Government. Already in 1990 the observation section was moved to the town of Merate, in Lombardia, and the Brera Observatory was converted into a fantastic museum of all kinds of objects related to astronomy.

For more than 35 years, the director of the Brera Observatory was Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, astronomer and great historian of Italian science. The observatory has a dome with its name, located on the roof of the palace. From this dome Schiaparelli made an exhaustive study of the Mars channels, one of the greatest astronomical discoveries in history.

Schiaparelli was also responsible for saving the great historical heritage of the Observatory, which includes an old library, historical archives and a magnificent collection of scientific instruments. The dome of Schiaparelli can be visited throughout the year thanks to the guided tours organized by the Astronomical Museum of Brera.

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