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Stonehenge From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

Stonehenge From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

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Stonehenge is a prehistoric ritual monument located in Wiltshire, in the Salisbury Plain, southwest of England, dated between the last periods of the Neolithic period (late stone age) and the first bronze age.

It is the most famous of the megalithic monuments in England and the most important prehistoric structure in Europe. It is very likely that it would have been a place of tribal gathering or a religious center related to astronomical observation. The stones are aligned following astronomical patterns. It indicates the directions of sunrise and sunset on certain days of the year, as well as the positions of the moon, and serves to determine the beginning of summer.

It was built in several phases over some six hundred years, between 2200 and 1600 B.C., and most of its large stones are placed in relation to the Moon and the Sun, and not with the positions of the stars. That plan was probably adopted since the declines of the Sun and the Moon have predictable cycles.

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