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Black Hole growth

The latest info on black holes with regard to their formation is that since space and time go to infinity at the event horizon, from an outside perspective nothing ever enters a black hole, and it…
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Photos of Pulsar. Black holes, deep space

Thanks to radio telescopes, numerous different sources of radio pulses have been discovered, classified as pulsars. The periods of vibration range from several seconds to a tiny fraction of a second, as confirmed by optical and X-ray observations. These periods are so constant that only the most precise clocks can detect a slight increase in the average pulse interval and only in a few Few pulsars.
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Earth and Moon

The volcanoes

The volcanoes One of the most spectacular manifestations of the geological activity of the Earth are, without a doubt, the volcanoes. There are different types, depending on the way the lava leaves, and they are distributed by specific regions of the planet while, in others, there is not. Volcanoes are also the only places where we can come into contact with the materials inside the crust or the mantle, so they are of great interest to the sciences.
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